Thank You to everyone who made the conference a success!

We’ll see you next year!

12th Annual Family Building Conference | April 29, 2023

8 am to Noon
Johnson County Community College, Regnier Center
12345 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS

Attendees found education, community and support for the next chapter of their infertility story.

We are happy to once again be hosting an in-person conference this year! Our 12th annual event is a place for anyone experiencing infertility, no matter what chapter you are on. Guests will enjoy coffee and light snacks.

You will gain fresh insights into the current advances in infertility research and treatment and you’ll be able to connect with other parents-in-waiting who are also on the road of infertility.

Bring your partner, a friend, or just yourself. You’ll find a community ready to welcome and support you.

ALL attendees will be entered into a drawing to win one of THREE $1,000 grants! Must be present to win.

Where to Park

Parking is available in the parking garage attached to the Regnier Center. Take the elevator up to the Regnier Center on the first floor. We’ll be ready to greet you with your goodie bag at the registration table. 

 Conference Schedule

8:00: doors open, booths open, light breakfast

8:25: Welcome announcements 

8:30-9:05: Speaker #1 (University of Kansas)

9:10-9:45: Speaker #2 (Vitality Holistic Medicine)

9:50-10:25: Speaker #3 (Igenomix)

10:30-10:40: Break

10:45-11:20: Speaker #4 (Midwest Reproductive Center)

11:25-12:00: Speaker #5 (Blue Sky Fertility)

Noon: Closing and Giveaways

Noon-1:00: Booths



Speakers and Sessions

Dr. Richard Fantus

University of Kansas Health System

Male Factor

The talk will discuss what men can do to optimize fertility.  It will focus on demographic, lifestyle, medical, and environment factors that influence male reproduction.  This includes things like diet / exercise / supplements / underwear / pollution exposure / and more.


Dr. Janet Lee

Vitality Holistic Medicine

Go With Your Gut!

Your gastrointestinal tract may be the last thing you think about when you’re TTC, but what happens in this meandering tube can have an impact on fertility. I’ll explain exactly what happens in the gut, the trillions of organisms living there, the kinds of things that can impact it, and how it affects other areas of the body, including the reproductive organs. 


Dr. Dan Gehlbach

Midwest Reproductive Center

Understanding IVF: The When, Why and How

IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is a complex series of procedures that is used to overcome infertility or prevent genetic problems in a child. I’ll explain when IVF is considered a treatment option, the ins and outs of the procedures and what options you have if you run into barriers (like a failed cycle).


Dr. Angela Linville, PhD


How to Maximize Your Chances of Pregnancy Without Losing Good Embryos

Many IVF cycles result in implantation failure, even with the transfer of good-quality embryos.  The EndomeTRIO test can provide you with a complete view of your endometrial health, by determining the best time for embryo transfer and if the uterine microbial environment is optimal or not for embryo implantation.

Brent Moritz

Blue Sky Fertility

A Day in the Life of an Embryologist

You may wonder, what happens behind the scenes in the IVF lab? What training and experience does embryologist need? The quality of the IVF lab and your embryologist contributes to the success of your IVF cycle! I’ll walk you through some basic concepts of embryology and what is happening on a day to day basis in the embryo lab. You will learn more about qualifications and training of a new embryologist.

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