Bea Smith

Support Group Co-Chair

Bea and her spouse Jordan started trying to conceive immediately after getting married in 2016. Bea was diagnosed with PCOS when she was 18 and they would soon find out that they were also battling Male Factor as well. After three failed IUIs in 2018 they decided to move on to IVF, which was when Bea became active in the KC infertility community. Through support group and all kinds of functions she found a home with people who knew exactly what being infertile felt like. Their first frozen embryo transfer resulted in identical twins, who they tragically lost at almost 20 weeks. This caused Bea to throw herself into the world of pregnancy loss, and she loves to encourage and love on people experiencing that pain. On the weekends you can find Bea and Jordan lounging around the house with their tuxedo cat Billie or finding a neat trail to hike. She is so excited to be a part of this board, and to help others walk this journey!