Britney King

Support Group Co-Chair

Britney was relieved when she discovered KC infertility in 2015, through the Annual Family Building Conference. At the conference she felt understood and encouraged to join a support group. She was diagnosed with endometriosis¬†In 2013, the same year she got married. At that time she was not ready to have a child. The King team took some time to enjoy being newlyweds. Finally in 2015, they felt ready. After a few surgeries, tests, and visits to the doctor; it was determined that IVF was the best plan of action. Britney had never heard of endometriosis or IVF, so she attended the conference. The Conference was a breath of fresh air. Meeting women at the support group, calmed the fear and loneliness she felt. After starting the IVF process, Britney became overwhelmed. Once again the King team, hit the pause button and took some time off. Their time off led to a route Britney did not expect. In 2017, Britney and her husband received their foster care and adoption license. Since then, they have fostered 6 children. Britney has been blessed to have the people in her life that have supported, encouraged, cried with her, and support her and her family through their journey. This is why she is a firm believer in the saying ” it takes a village to raise a child” not just for kids, but adults too. We all need someone in our corner to support, believe, pray and more. Britney is excited to be a part of the KC Infertility village. She looks forward to giving back and helping other families as the seek to expand their family.