Iveth Linares

Support Group Co-Chair

My name is Iveth Linares. I married my husband in Sept. 2012, and we started trying for our family right away as our dream was and is to become parents. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager and had to be on medication for several years. After six months of infertility, I talked to my OBGYB about some options. In December 2013 I had to have laparoscopic surgery to remove cysts in my ovaries. The surgery was a success, thus my OBGYN recommended we try Clomid. We did three cycles, and we found out we were pregnant in July 2014 but sadly had our first loss at 8 weeks. I had to go to the emergency room, it was the worst pain I had ever gone through in my life. And because of my blood type, A RH negative I have to get the RhoGam medication within 72 hours of the loss. Both my husband and I were devastated but wanted to continue trying. We tried Clomid again, a couple more rounds months after our first loss. We ended up getting pregnant for the second time and once again suffered a second loss at 8 weeks once again. And of course had to go to the ER for the second time and get RhoGam medication. It was really hard, we were devastated and sad for our second loss. We decided to take a break and not think about having a baby for a while and to give ourselves time to heal.

After our second loss, my husband brought out the option of adoption. Which to me meant a lot because at that moment I knew that he was with me because he really loved me and I knew that he would do everything in his hands to make our dream to become parents true. In 2016, I managed to get pregnant for the third time naturally but sadly lost it once again at 8 weeks two days before my birthday. Both my husband and I wanted to see a fertility specialist to get tests done, but unfortunately, we did not because they did not accept my husband’s passport from Guatemala. In 2019, I visited Guatemala for vacation and was planning on staying for a month and visiting a Fertility doctor who some of my family members had visited in the past with success stories. He had me do a lot of blood tests, vaginal and pelvic ultrasounds, and also an MRI. In the MRI he discovered that I had a tumor on my left ovary and had to have emergency surgery. He also diagnosed me with endometriosis. The surgery was a success, the doctor was able to remove the tumor but with it went my left ovary too. I am now seeing Dr. Holoch at the University of Kansas Health to get some answers and go from there. KC Infertility has helped me a lot to understand and know that I am not alone on this journey. To speak about what I have been through with others has helped and has helped others too. It is a great group and organization and I am glad to be part of the Board for the next two years. My husband and I don’t lose hope or faith, in our hearts we know that one day we will become parents, whether through pregnancy or adoption.