Kacie Doner

Support Group Co-Chair

Kacie and her husband Kyle met in college but didn't start dating until 2016. They got married in late 2017 and decided to not start trying right away. In February 2019 Kacie had to find a new OBGYN and it was at the first appointment that she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her new OBGYN quickly referred her to an RE where they confirmed the PCOS diagnoses. They did timed intercourse and medicated cycles before Covid closed their RE office. Once the clinics opened they did two IUIs and were unsuccessful both times. After the second failed IUI they took a break to reassess their plans for a family. At that time they found out they had conceived spontaneously and welcomed their daughter, Lakelyn, in December 2021. They are looking to expand their family at least one more time and are in the beginning process of figuring out how they will do that. Kacie found a flyer for KCinfertility at one of her first RE appointments but told many friends and family members that she was only going to support the group one time. It was at that support group that she quickly learned that this was where she needed to be and that it was not going to be a one-time thing. Kacie joined the board in January 2022 and is excited to be serving her second term.