Melissa Marlow


Melissa and her husband Dan met later in life, but both knew they wanted children, so they started trying right after their wedding in 2017. After about eight months with no results, they saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist where they were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. They did three IUIs which all failed and then moved on to IVF which presented its own challenges. They did two egg retrievals and four embryo transfers. Sadly, Melissa was able to get pregnant three times but lost them all in the first trimester. At that point, they consulted with a Reproductive Immunologist. Another egg retrieval and transfer with the new protocol resulted in the birth of their daughter Nora in May 2021. Melissa found KCInfertility about a month after her first loss and began attending the monthly support group regularly. Melissa is so grateful to have found such an amazing community of people who supported her every step of the way. Now she is ready to give back.