Rachel Hodgson

Promotions Chair

Rachel has found immense support from KCinfertility’s events and groups for years, and she’s honored to support the organization as a marketing and communications professional. She and her spouse, John, have experienced a dozen years of medical issues including endometriosis, PCOS, and infertility. Treatment has included eight surgeries, support from many kinds of professionals (medical, naturopathic, adoptive), countless tears, and mochas. She is now a mom of two amazing boys. She likes to say it took them eight years to meet Patrick (IVF, born in 2017), and five years to meet Levi (open transracial adoption, born in 2022). She will never forget the days she would have killed to change a dirty diaper and feels it is such a privilege to be a parent. She and John also have two dogs (Lola the Terrier and Momma the Pit Bull) and a cat (Tuxedo named Inky). She works full-time at Newhouse, KC’s first domestic violence shelter, and loves to play sand volleyball and softball, travel, and enjoy the sunshine. Rachel is an open book and glad a silver lining of her infertility journey is being able to support others.